PETER W. MICHEL, Sculptor     Sculpture in Celebration of Self, Relationship and Community
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Houston Joy of the Child

Houston, Texas:  1979
"Joy of the Child"
Miller Outdoor Theater
Sponsored byt the Houston Folk Arts Council
and the Houston Hunger Project Committee

painted by 116 children
Houston Festival

Houston, Texas   1983
"Portal with View"
Houston Festival   -  The Bayou Show
The Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY 1989

Kirkland Art Center 1989
Clinton, New York
One person show

CNYCAC Gallery

Central NY Community Arts Council Gallery 1992
Utica, New York     2 person show
Chesterwood Museum 1994Conversations In The Woods

Chesterwood Museum 1994
"Conversations In The Woods"
Stockbridge, MA
Lenox 1995

Lenox Mass, 1994   Private Collection Installation
"Conversations in the Woods"  moved and became
"Conversations in a Space Between Two Tall
Trees and a House"
Kirkland Art Center 1995

Kirkland Art Center 1995  Group Show
"In and Out and In Between"
Clinton, New York
Hamilton Village Green 1995

Hamilton Village Green 1995
A Bicentennial Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture
"Childhood Rhythms"
Hamilton, NY

                        Mind Folk

Downtown Syracuse Art & Craft Festival,  1996
"Mind Folk"  (photo of piece in the exhibition -
not at the exhibition)
Syracuse, NY

                        Men's Totem

Men's Team Celebration 1997
"Men's Totem"
Utica College Gallery

Utica College  1999
Edith Barrett Art Gallery
One person show
Navy Pier 1999

Chicago Navy Pier - Pierwalk 1999
"Fathers and Sons"
Navy Pier 2000

Chicago Navy Pier - Pierwlk 2000
"Standing Tall - A Community Totem"
In Atlanta
Atlanta 2002
Sculpture Internationale
Stamford Town Center
Stamford 2006
Art in Publica Places - Stamford Downtown
Stamford Town Center
Stamford, CT
"Siesta 2" table at Sculpture Space"Siesta 2" table
Sculpture Space Chairity Auction 2006
Sculpture Space
Utica, NY
Two Are Halves Of One - DC - 01Two Are Halves Of One - DC - 06
Federal Reserve Board
Washington, DC  2009


Childhood Rhythms Study

"Child Screen"  - Proposal  1980
For Houston Festival
Study for "Childhood Rhythms" 1995

Temple of Possibilities Proposal 1984

"Temple of Possibilites" - Proposal 1984
For Houston Festival
                 Stepping Out - Proposal 1991

"Stepping Out" - Proposal  1991
For Munson Williams Proctor Institute Museum of Art
Utica, New York
                 Playground of the Mind

"Playground of the Mind" - Proposal   1996
The Chesterwood Museum, Stockbridge, MA
                     Family Tree

"Family Tree"  - Proposal for Pier Walk  2001
                     Men In Blue
"Men In Blue"   -  Proposal for a community sculpture
for a Denver Police Station  2002

"Communitas"    -  variation on a Proposal for
Syracuse University Alumni  -  Orange Grove  
                       Folk Circle Totem

"Folk Circle Totem"   -   Sketch for a proposal 2003
We're All in the Same Boat

"We're All in the Same Boat"  -  Proposal Study 2005
Community Circle - Labyrinth Surround
"Community Circle - Labyrinth Surround"
Proposal 2005
Presented at The Labyrinth Society Annual Gathering at the Eastover resort and Conference Center
in Lenox, Massachusetts - October 2005.
Iowa Public Art Project Proposal

"Arrows Circling Up"  -  Proposal  2006
Traffic Circle Public Art proposal - Iowa City
                     The Joy of Family
"The Joy of Family"  2007
Mothers and daughters are included with fathers and sons.
          "Coming Together"
"Folk Circle"  (aka "Coming Together")  2007/08
Proposal for the front lawn of a metropolitan hospital.
                             Peace Garden Totem proposal
"Peace Garden Totem" sculpture proposal  in 2008 for the Thea Bowman House in Utica,
New York
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  1983/2008 by Peter W. Michel                Posted 1-04-07   updated  2-11-14

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